艺术 & 文化

The Commonwealth features some unique accessible opportunities:


CAPEable冒险 成立于2007年, 由克雷格Bautz, to address the growing desire of 物理ly and mentally challenged children and adults who would like the opportunity to participate in sports and outdoor recreation. CAPEable冒险 offers sports rehabilitation programs to anyone with a permanent disability. Activities include water sports, cycling, skiing, curling, fitness and special sports events. (电子邮件保护)

帕金斯博物馆 Take a multi-sensory journey through the history of blind and deafblind education over the last 200 years.

桥的中心, 一个非营利性的, recreational facility for children and young adults with 物理 and cognitive disabilities.

铁矿石的农场 is home to Challenge Unlimited and Ironstone Therapy, two non-profit organizations established to provide a variety of services for people with and without disabilities, using horses and the wholesome environment of a working farm.

X1波士顿 features F1 cars designed specially for children with disabilities.

塞勒姆国家海洋历史遗址 现在提供特别的音频导览.

琐珥户外 为截瘫患者设计的皮划艇有自适应座椅吗, visual signals for folks with hearing loss and special rafting trips for visually impaired people.

艺术 & 文化

美术博物馆提供 艺术治疗项目. These are theme-based tours and art making activities at area hospitals, 医疗保健中心, 还有儿童艺术博物馆, 青年, 青少年, and their families in a group setting or in patients’ rooms.

波士顿科学博物馆有 接达功能及程序 也.

美国剧目剧院 提供美国手语和音频描述的表演.


It is the mission of New England Village to empower adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities to realize their potential and pursue their dreams through innovative programs and community living.

Lovelane任务:在一个乐趣, 支持环境, Lovelane provides high-quality therapeutic horseback riding to achieve occupational, 物理, 演讲, 认知和其他治疗方面的收获, 关注有特殊需要的儿童.

部门的保护 & 娱乐(DCR)
The DCR has many adaptive programs and events throughout the year.

Mt. Greylock预订状态罗克韦尔路30号.还礼,

• Paved ¼ mile loop trail at summit of Massachusetts’ tallest peak has spectacular views
• Visitor Center, Restrooms, Interpretive Program, Trail Opportunity

At 3,491 feet, Mount Greylock is the highest point in Massachusetts. Rising above the surrounding Berkshire landscape, dramatic views of 60-90 miles distant may be seen. It became Massachusetts’ first wilderness state park, 1898年被英联邦所获得, to preserve its natural environment for public enjoyment. 野性和崎岖,但亲密和可接近, Mount Greylock rewards the visitor exploring this special place of scenic and natural beauty. The roads to the summit are open seasonally from late-May through November 1; weather permitting into the Fall.

皮茨菲尔德国家森林, 匹兹堡市卡斯克德街1041号

• Tranquility Trail is a ½ mile paved through the forest crossing a brook and accessible by wheelchair.
• Picnic area, Restrooms, Interpretive Program, Optional Audio Tour component

Streams, waterfalls and flowering shrubs abound in Pittsfield State Forest. 65 acres of wild azalea fields are a profusion of pink blossoms in June. The forest has two camping areas, two picnic areas and a swimming beach. 渔民常到风景优美的浆果塘游玩, one of the highest natural water bodies in the state at 2,海拔150英尺. 从贝里山山顶俯瞰的景色, 4月至12月有汽车路可达, is a striking panorama and a great place to watch the sun set.

萨沃伊山国家森林 佛罗里达州中立井路260号,电话:(413)663-8469
A quarter mile of stabilized stonedust trail travels through woods and skirts the lake. 提供长凳和景观.


• 11.2英里铺砌小径

The Ashuwillticook铁路路线 is a former railroad corridor converted into a 10-foot wide paved, 统一访问, 被动娱乐路径. It runs parallel to Route 8 through the towns of Cheshire, Lanesboro and Adams. The southern end of the rail trail begins at the entrance to the Berkshire Mall off MA Rte. 8 in Lanesboro and travels north to the center of Adams.


• Lessons available for those with moderate disabilities

A beautiful Victorian Farm surrounded by 150 acres of pasture, forest and hay fields. 大型通风的室内舞台(81 x 160), 宽敞的户外竞技场, and access to miles of riding trails provide ample facilities for riding pleasure.


• All-Persons Trail is a one-third-mile long and accessible to everyone.

及项目 & 事件


鸭子游 The fun begins as soon as you board your “DUCK”, a W.W.II型两栖登陆艇. First, you’ll be greeted by one of our legendary tour ConDUCKtors, who’ll be narrating your tour. Then you’re off on a journey like you’ve never had before. The 鸭子游 might be a great way to see a lot of Boston for those who cannot participate in the walking tours of Boston as all the boats are equipped for wheelchair access. .

自由小道 Boston’s 自由小道 is a walking tour that visits historical sites in downtown Boston: The State House, 粮仓墓地, 国王的教堂, 波士顿大屠杀的遗址, 法纳尔厅, 保罗·里维尔的家, 老北教堂, 美国宪法, 和邦克山号航空母舰. The trail begins in Boston Common where you can purchase a ticket at the visitors center and join a group or tour on your own. The trail is long and has a lot of hills but it is accessible. 谷仓墓地, 山姆·亚当斯的安息之地, 约翰·汉考克, 鹅妈妈, and Paul Revere (to name a few) is wheelchair accessible. The entrance is located on the northeast side of the cemetery (down an alley on Beacon Street).

哈佛校园徒步游 The student-lead Harvard Yard tour gives you a first hand account of the history behind the famous university. The tour is wheelchair accessible, and is free to the public. Wheelchairs are available with a week or more advance notice.


了冒险. 适合各种能力的人的户外娱乐活动.

斯波尔丁适应性体育中心 - - - - - -波士顿, North Shore and Cape Cod support individuals of all abilities in leading active, healthy lives through participation in adaptive sports and recreational activities. Spaulding opened its first Adaptive 体育 programs in Boston and on Cape Cod in 2001, and since that time has expanded to include the North Shore. These three sites offer a wide range of land and water based adaptive sporting activities that focus on the value of sports and fitness. 在这些中心, participants living with disabilities play wheelchair tennis, 手周期, kayak, 风帆冲浪或划船的适应性船, and engage in a number of other activities through which they learn new life skills, make new friends and enjoy themselves as they rebuild their strength, 获得独立和自信的感觉. The programs are delivered under the supervision of Spaulding clinicians and adaptive sports professionals, 对儿童和成人开放. Staff members help each participant find the most appropriate activities to meet their capabilities and help them Find Their Strength.

社区划船. Persons with disabilities and their guests will have the use of specialized, 可访问的帆船和转移设备, dedicated staff assistance to get in and out of the boats, 和帆船指令, 只需要1美元.00! Several seat configurations in the boats are available for people with various disabilities. Reserved sessions, usually an hour in length, can be customized to meet individual needs. They can consist of a short sailboat ride for therapeutic recreation or a more learn-to-sail class structure, leading to ratings and expanded sailing privileges.

Windrush农场. Windrush扩展和丰富了个人, emotional and 物理 abilities of all those we serve by partnering with our horses and the environment.

体育俱乐部的发现者 将您与社区项目联系起来, including Paralympic 体育 Clubs that have been developed to provide sports programming and 物理 activity opportunities for disabled Veterans along with 青年 and adults with disabilities, 无论技能水平如何. All programs and activities at these organizations are based in the community and are run by the local organization.

The Adaptive Sailing Program at 码头公园帆船中心 is a nationally recognized non-profit sailing program which has served over one thousand people with disabilities since the program’s inception in 2007. In 2009, US Sailing awarded PPSC as the Best Community Program for disabled sailors. In 2010, we were honored to be designated a Paralympic 体育 Club.


北银行花园(家 波士顿凯尔特人队波士顿棕熊)

芬威球场(棒球的主场) 波士顿红袜队)

吉列体育场(吉列主场, 新英格兰爱国者队, 新英格兰革命 )

American Athletes and the Paralympic Games is now launched at. The site features descriptions of all the sports Americans play at the Summer Games, plus bios and videos of participating athletes and videos of “great moments” in past competitions. They will be adding pages every week – new athletes, featured sports, blog posts, videos and more.


从波士顿到普罗文斯敦 渡轮服务方便轮椅进出?
Vessels are wheelchair accessible on both the Boston and Provincetown docks. You may require the assistance of our crew depending upon the tide. Please call extension 1251 for additional information. Our high speed ferry has wheelchair accessible restrooms, our excursion service aboard the Provincetown II (which is a much older vessel) does not.

新英格兰轮: Rentals of both mini and full-size wheelchair accessible vans, Delivery and pickup is available for an additional charge. To make a reservation or check on vehicle availability, 请填写以下预订表格或致电或 .

轮椅度假: Wheelchair Getaways rents wheelchair accessible vans to the Boston area. The company provides 24 hour emergency vehicle service. bbin厅试玩网址1 -. 所有的波士顿, 背面, 布里斯托尔县, 埃塞克斯, 富兰克林,诺福克,普利茅斯,萨福克郡,伍斯特, 所有的马.

车夫: 位于Billerica的MA-Boston的wheeler, conveniently located and able to assist you and with quality accessible van rentals throughout the Boston area. 我们所有的车辆都是轮椅专用的, with either raised roofs or lowered floors with automatic ramps or lifts. 网址:Wheelers Van Rentals (电子邮件保护)
国家保留意见:1 -.

优先: MBTA公交系统服务于整个波士顿地区, and is dedicated to increasing the 可访问性 of all its services. All buses are accessible, and are equipped to serve the wheelchair dependent rider. 了解更多关于 可访问性. 参观 在线地铁地图 for a list of accessible stops or call the Office for 运输 Access with any questions: .

The accommodations and attractions listed are accessible to people with disabilities and have indicated that they meet the following criteria for 可访问性:

  • 无障碍停车场,有停车位的地方.
  • 轮椅升降 route from parking areas to entrance, elevator, public restroom and other public areas.
  • 动物服务接受.


  • 轮椅升降 客房.
  • the ability to handle special requests for a text telephone or TDD; and for visual notification of fire alarm, 有来电和门铃.

在计划旅行之前, we strongly recommend that you call ahead to find out if accommodations and attractions meet your specific needs. Many accommodations and attractions that do not carry the access symbol, 提供了一些, 但并不是所有, 以上列出的服务. For example, many historic buildings have 可访问性 on the first floor only.


生(波士顿整形 & 呼吸设备有限责任公司)